Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why DO i love biology?

Biology comes from Greek words "BIOS" & "LOGOS" which mean "a study about life". Biology is a very interesting subject because it teaches us about life, how we live, how we breathe, and so on. Through biology, we can get closer to Allah, to know our creator-ma'rifatullah because we could see how great Allah is in creating all His unique creatures. Lets observe how Allah creates us. Our body is build up from a few systems that come from the combination of a few organs. An organ is made up from a clump of tissues; the tissues consist of cell that are arranged in a very systematic arrangement. Plus, when we looked into the cell there are organelles-mitochondria, nucleus, ribosomes and others that carry the cell lifecycle.

(say SUBHANALLAH). Allah has creates a human being, a plant and an animal starting from the smallest cycles(cells lifecycle) that enable a human, a plant & an animal to live on earth.
"But His command , when He intendeth a thing , is only that he saith unto it : Be! and it is"

Believe that only Allah can create such complex creatures. AllahuAkbar!

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